Minutes from the “Coffee Now, Bike Soon” meeting on March 26th

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Minutes from the “Coffee Now, Bike Soon” meeting on March 26th

Author Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Minutes from the “Coffee Now, Bike Soon” meeting on March 26th

Review of “Shop Night”

  • The February event only received one attendee

o   Because of weather, the event was cancelled

  • The March event was very successful – six participants

o   Tonka Cycle did a great job with having mechanics on-hand
the session ran from 5pm to 8:15pm

o   5/6 individuals in attendance were new to Tonka and CC

  • Suggestion for next year – Instead of a February mechanic night, hold two events in March


Epic Rides and New Friends discussion

  • Once again, we will meet at Tonka Cycle at 9am on Thursday, April 19
  • Alan to checked if Nick if any Tonka Cycle employees would like to attend “Epic Rides and New Friends”

o   Nick will bring this up on the 4/3 Tonka internal meeting

o   Alan will drop off a flyer on 4/4 to Tonka Cycle

  • Email to be sent out April 5 to CC members, as a reminder, for last day to sign-up is April 9

o   additionally update on Facebook, Twitter and the website


Volunteer Opportunities

  • Member Alan Johnson will be a collection free Bikes 4 Kidz -- http://fb4k.org/

o   In October/November, he will likely need help moving the bikes to the Free Bikes 4 Kidz warehouse

  • Discussion on holding a BBQ in May as casual kick-off to the regular biking season
  • attending the meeting was Stacy and brought up her passion and volunteer opportunity

o   She started and manages a non-profit working with the elderly

o   Most of the people she helps are referred to her by church pastors/counselors

o   Stacy her major fundraisers is leading a group for RAGBRAI, July 22-28, 2018

o   She is looking for a person that can drive her RV- there is a stipend for the effort

o   In addition, it was commented that we could help with training rides or assisting if she does other fund-raising

o   She has Alan’s email/phone number and will provide more info


Discussion on Group Ride

  • What day of the week should we plan to have a regular group ride?
    • Is Wednesday still the best day?
    • Is 6pm the optimal time?


  • Survey available on Facebook – email to encourage to take the survey - https://www.facebook.com/pg/ChristianCyclingTC/posts/
  • Discussion to create a very social ride on Sunday afternoons – to be more family and kid friendly
  • Discussion to have a reoccurring Night Ride – after 8:30pm –with lights, Thursdays or other nights


Next “Coffee Now, Bike Soon” is Tuesday, April 10

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